AMA about climate changes

Strahinja Petreš
Sep 20, 2017

I am eager to hear opinions about climate changes, humans influences on it and what is the most important thing to preserve our environment. It is very popular topic and I would like to answer some questions about it. Climate changes discussions are getting more and more popular, while some of the facts are true, and very important, some of them are  just here to distract us from actual problems and potential disasters. Eco system has been destroyed, rainforests have been destroyed. These issues are very important. 

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Do you have a background in meteorolgy?

Sep 20, 6:29PM EDT0

I had a few classes while I was on my studies but I wasn't going too deep into subject. 

Sep 21, 1:03AM EDT0

What's the fastest way to prevent climate change getting worse?

Sep 20, 1:13PM EDT0

It is impossible to prevent climate change because it is natural cause of Earth cyrcling aroung the Sun. But we should pay attention to our architecture, build more parks and be aware of our environment. 

Sep 20, 3:00PM EDT0
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If the globe is still warming, then why are some locations not warming while others have experienced cooling?

Sep 20, 5:48AM EDT0

Globe is not warming. That is an false story. Climates are changing but temperature is not on the rise globaly. 

Sep 20, 6:06AM EDT0
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Do you believe chemtrails are real and why?

Sep 20, 4:49AM EDT0

It is possible to manipulate with chemtrails. Politics, military, economy became too agressive and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody try to sabotage someone else with this. But overall, there are no significant influences on climate changes. It is very good question for long debate. 

Sep 20, 4:59AM EDT0
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What do you understand under global warming?

Sep 19, 11:11PM EDT0

Global warming should be situation when the temperature is constantly on the rise but that is not happening with us. Global warming is not a good name what is happening to us. 

Sep 20, 1:59AM EDT0
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Do you agree with emission laws in each country?

Sep 19, 9:24PM EDT0

Emission laws are here just to make people safer. Politicians are not some who will deal with these problems because of a corruption. We as a human race should be more aware of our environment and we should make big changes in many of our habits. 

Sep 20, 2:01AM EDT0
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Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 19, 7:35PM EDT0
Sep 20, 2:03AM EDT0

Can abrupt climate change really happen in a matter of days?

Sep 19, 5:48PM EDT0

No, because it is a process of a thousands of years. We should be alarmed about our environment and not climate changes. They are happening in a natural way. 

Sep 20, 2:02AM EDT0

Are you saying that we cannot make a difference to climate change?

Sep 21, 6:30PM EDT0

The seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter seem to have shifted in the last 20 or 30 years, what do you think is the biggest contributing factor for this?

Sep 19, 10:02AM EDT0

Rachel, first of all, this is very first question that I will answer and it is very good. Main reason is of course, climate changing which is undeniable. That is normal natural process on which we should get used to. I am living in mild climate area and it is very easy to notice that seasons are changing. My personal belief is that is just normal climate cyrcle. Thank you for your good question. If you want more discussions about this topic I am here :) 

Sep 19, 10:23AM EDT0
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What effect will climate change have on the individual person?

Sep 19, 6:11AM EDT0

Climate changes are happening constantly so I don't belive that there is such a drastic effect on individuals or health of induvidual on a short term, but in a long term we should try to aclimate because changes wont stop. Great question btw. If you have more feel free to ask. Thank you. 

Sep 19, 10:45AM EDT0
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Do you think weather can be changed with chemical or manual influence?

Sep 19, 5:53AM EDT0

This is very good question and I can't answer with 100% assurances because there are a lot of conspiracy theories. I think that it is possible to manipulate with a smaller clouds but overall, people can't influence a lot. 

Sep 19, 10:48AM EDT0
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What do you feel about the USA deciding as the only country not to change any of their policies in the climate change summit? Do you think they have the right to do so and why?

Sep 19, 12:40AM EDT0

I feel that politicians are not the ones who should be dealing with these issues because they are corrupted and as long as money is in the game will be changing politics. Basically big corporations are the biggest problem to environment. 

Sep 19, 11:25AM EDT0
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Is it possible to manipulate the weather and how?

Sep 18, 9:59PM EDT0

I had this question already, and I think it is good. I can't answer this for sure but I believe it is possible but in a very small percentage. 

Sep 19, 11:25AM EDT0

Do you believe that global warming is due to modern technology, i.e. air conditioners, exhaust fumes, radiation from electronic devices or do you think it is more because of agricultural or human problems, i.e. deforesting woodlands, changing landscapes, overpopulation, etc?

Sep 18, 9:32PM EDT0

I don't believe that we can influence climate changes at all. But we are devastating our environment and ecosystems a lot. The Sun and the angle that Earth is cycling around the Sun are the most important when we are talking about climate changes. 

Sep 19, 11:28AM EDT0
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Is it really true that the increased production of methane gases from animals contributes to global warming in conjunction with the deforestis ation to make more room to breed animals for food?

Sep 18, 8:44PM EDT0

Methane gases production is just another proof that we cannot influences climate changes BUT everything that you mentioned is BIG! problem to our environment. We need to change the way we eat, the way we shop generally if we want to make changes. This is very good question and I've seen it is getting more and more popular but the problem is that consenquences because of these issues are not climate changes related, but we will destroy our ecosystems and that will be very big problem for everybody. 

Sep 19, 11:33AM EDT0
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How can every individual be more responsible to prevent climate change?

Sep 18, 8:22PM EDT0

We can't prevent climate change. It is something that has been here for billion of years and it will be long after us but we must do everything that it is in our power to save environment. 

Sep 19, 11:34AM EDT0

Could climate change ever “wipe us out”?

Sep 18, 7:39PM EDT0

Of course it could, but it won't. Because it is very long process of changes and it takes thousands of years to do so. We will wipe ourselves out :) 

Sep 19, 11:35AM EDT0

Will climate change actually bring benefits to some areas?

Sep 18, 6:40PM EDT0

It depends, Climate change changes eco-systems so evolution is very important. If you are thinking from human aspects, it can bring some benefits, but if we are smart enough we will grow and learn from it, actually with it. We will grow and learn with it. 

Sep 19, 11:37AM EDT0

Do you think governments are not disclosing the entire truth about certain industries that contribute to the changes in climate?

Sep 18, 4:57PM EDT0

Of course I do, but not about climate changes. I think that climate changes story is just a cover for massive environmental polutions and degrading eco systems. That is much, much bigger problem than climate changes. Big companies are looking for money, more and more money, while they have politicians in their pocket because of that money. 

Sep 19, 11:41AM EDT0

I assume that you think about cattle industry. Yes, that is a very big problem. 

Sep 19, 11:42AM EDT0

Why do you think the entire world needs to change to be more responsible in terms of pollution and prevent global warming?

Sep 18, 4:40PM EDT0

Global warming is not exist. You will notice in recent "studies" that term global warming is changed with "climate changes" because temperature is not constantly on the rise. Climate changes cannot be denied because it is natural process of life. Pollutions on the other hand are very big and important issue but normal people, scientist that are not corrupted can prevent. Politicians don't care about it. 

Sep 19, 11:48AM EDT0
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