As much as I wanted to travel other countries, it has been a dream to be able to discover hidden gems I haven't been into in my dearest country, Philippines. But, it has become instead an anxiety to even go around my very own town because of the crisis and terrorism. Ask me anything!

Jun 19, 2017

I am a homebuddy, but sometimes taking a stroll around the city with friends is for memories. But how? These days, it isn't safe anymore.  

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Hi, Kabayan! There's a lot of places to travel to. Do not be scared. I'm starting to go to places as well. What places have you been to in the Philippines?

Jun 19, 10:28PM EDT0

Hi Jona! Ate Jona! hahaha. The only places in Philippines that I have visited are Cebu, Camiguin Island, Manila, Tagaytay, Dumaguete. Yun palang pala. hahaha. 

Jun 20, 9:09AM EDT0
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What is going on there? Is it safe for tourism?

Jun 19, 1:38PM EDT0

What is your plan this year?

Jun 19, 11:33AM EDT0

I still have no plans of visiting other places right now, maybe within the country. I'll be graduating soon, so I might as well do my best for this school year, as much as possible avoid distractions! :) How 'bout you? You should visit the Philippines someday! :)

Jun 19, 11:37AM EDT0

How many of Philippines citizens own guns, for self-defense or other reasons?

Jun 19, 7:50AM EDT0

I do not know, really. But there have been a lot of news recently and even before about illegal posession of firearms. These delinquent people acquire guns illegally and use them to shoot and kill those who have offended them or scores to settle. 

Jun 19, 8:30AM EDT0

Have you considered taking a self-defense course to feel safer?

Jun 18, 10:48PM EDT0

Before, our mom brought us to a karate centre to learn kata and kumite. Forms and sparrings. But not too long, we grew tired of having to wake up early and go through traffic. *we were just kids* 

But now, I am currently considering about taking a self-defense course specially for women and inviting my friends to also take. I want to learn defense that has to do something with rape and sexual assaults.

Jun 19, 8:40AM EDT0

Have you or those close to you had any personal experiences with terrorism?

Jun 18, 8:15PM EDT35

Yes. I have a lot of Muslim friends and most of them are from Marawi City. (I am not sure if international news had cover about it, but a particular terror group has started a dispute with the military within the city, bombing an education institute, hostaging people and breaking all Christian religion's figurines found in christian churches.) Their respective families have traveled to our city to get safe, but the experience of hearing the loud and terrifying gunshots around their city was so much to handle.

Last edited @ Jun 19, 8:53AM EDT.
Jun 19, 8:52AM EDT27
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What, if anything, do you do to secure yourself against threats?

Jun 18, 8:04PM EDT32

I think learning self-defense isn't enough. be vigilant, if you see someone suspicious, notify the authority. (judge right). this is really a tricky question for me, really! Have you thought anything?

Jun 19, 9:12AM EDT35
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Where do you turn for news about what's happening around the world and at home?

Jun 18, 5:09PM EDT0

We turn on local tv networks to get updates about what has been happening to the country and for international current events, we watch online, usually on yahoo or facebook. Yahoo and Facebook, especially, has been really helpful to people who do not have access to international and local noteworthy events, weather and sports! (N.E.W.S) :)

Jun 19, 9:19AM EDT0

What are the main tourist attractions in the Philippines?

Jun 18, 9:19AM EDT15

Hi Julie! There are a lot to mention but what the Philippines really has to offer is it's beaches, falls, springs and many many more. The Philippines has 7, 641 islands to chose from! Aside from the beaches, I also believe that the cheerful and hospitable fellowmen of mine are also the reason why tourists wants to comeback. :)

Jun 19, 9:26AM EDT26
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How would you describe the mood of the citizens of your country?

Jun 18, 7:30AM EDT0

Filipino citizens, particularly my fellow Mindanaoans, are naturally happy people, we tend to make smiles and laughs in our faces a lot but I am sure just how I feel, we can not set aside the anxiety regarding the terorrism. I always pray, as in everywhere I go, I ask for God's protection and guidance that may each and anyone of us get to the destinations, safe and sound, be with our families.

Jun 19, 9:33AM EDT0

What groups are responsible for terrorism in your native country?

Jun 17, 9:04PM EDT0

try to search up Maute group! I haven't searched up them yet. I want to know, really know, why they started this terorrism. They know for sure our dear president won't give in to their wishes. 

Jun 19, 9:39AM EDT0

What are some attractive spots for day trips close to your home?

Jun 17, 9:00PM EDT0

Our city is a small city but sooner our city will become the fourth economic centre in the Philippines. But if I should name attractive spots for day trips from my place, I would probable say the beach. *I'm not sure if that's attractive, LOL!* Honestly, there aren't as many attractive spots to visit or sightsee near my place but if you see me oneday, that's what you call attractive! hahahahaha just kidding! just kidding LOL!

Jun 19, 9:50AM EDT0

What are some common misunderstandings about the Philippines?

Jun 17, 12:18PM EDT0

Watching travel blogs on Youtube, I learned that most foreigners misunderstood the Philippines as scary and dangerous. I mean, they could have heard many times about abduction or hostage happenings in the country, but soon realized that it is safe to stay and spend a vaction with family and friends. They realized and proved that not all Filipinos are bad. :)))

Jun 19, 9:57AM EDT0

How do you talk about your anxieties with family and friends?

Jun 17, 6:35AM EDT0

Have you ever sought help to deal with your anxiety?

Jun 16, 11:21PM EDT0

professionally? No. I have to help calm myself. I just pray, really!

Last edited @ Jun 19, 10:17AM EDT.
Jun 19, 10:00AM EDT0

Do you think the US should play a role in the Philippines' future?

Jun 16, 7:48PM EDT0

You know what, I personally *Pia Wurtzbach (former Miss U) tone* think that the Philippines and the US has had a good relationship in the past, we were colonized and the US has had extended hands to help us free from colonization and even up to the present. Like how they extended their hands to help, I think it is better to have the US as a support and an assistance to a small independent country like the Philippines. From my point-of-view, if ever the US should play whatever role in the Philippines' future, many things will not remain as Filipino as it is now.

Jun 19, 10:17AM EDT0

What do you consider the most positive aspects of living in your country?

Jun 16, 7:19PM EDT15

Living in the Philippines is humbling. Most Filipinos don't seek grand living, we prefer a simple life. The Philippines has been blessed with beautiful nature, happy, caring and talented people and good food, yet live a simple life. If ever I could have the opportunity to get a job abroad, these aspects would surely be missed!

Jun 19, 10:27AM EDT40
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What kind of violence have you personally witnessed?

Jun 16, 7:04PM EDT0

Fortunately I haven't witnessed violence personally and I hope I won't see one. I just might freeze in my place. And thanks God, I did not had such experience, as well as my siblings and dad.

Jun 19, 10:38AM EDT0

What steps do you take to ensure your safety when traveling?

Jun 16, 6:56PM EDT0

How do you feel about the current leadership of the Philippines?

Jun 16, 4:40PM EDT0

I feel proud of him. He's at the age where he needs to go on a vacation with his grandchildre, rest and be free from stress. But instead he would make sure to visit the families' of the fallen soldiers who have served the country with valor and honor. He made more improvements compared to the previous administration. Although his campaign, on War On Drugs is still going on, and many abusive illegal drug dealers and pushers have been imprisoned or killed, his will to get rid of this addiction/issue is strong. Even amidst of the controversy, he managed to make an improvement in the country's economy. According to, World Bank, as of April 2017, the Philippines has remained resilient globally. :)

Jun 19, 10:52AM EDT0

Are there any activities that help you forget about your country's troubles?

Jun 16, 2:52PM EDT16

I love watching korean dramas and variety shows. Whenever I watch them, it makes me happy. What else? I spend time with my closest friends by watching movies, baking goodies or when the whole family and relatives get together and go on a beach weekend! That one's really awesome! I love family gatherings!

I temporarily forget how stressful it is to be in the Philippines. It's sizzling hot, too populated, undisciplined citizens and pollution and these are just few of what I have to deal everyday. 

Last edited @ Jun 19, 11:14AM EDT.
Jun 19, 11:13AM EDT19
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Have you considered emigrating to escape your country's problems?

Jun 16, 2:12PM EDT0

Yes. I always thought about that even up to now. I promised myself that soon if get the chance to go abroad, I'd probably live there, bring my family BUT I love the Filipinos, I love Philippines. If only I had Flash's speed, Superman's strength and power, Professor X's strong telepathy, I would literally gather them in a haunted and deserted island and tie them all together, and the island actually disappers whenever its high tide! HAHAHA!

Jun 19, 11:05AM EDT0

Do you think people living under the fear of terrorism have PTSD?

Jun 16, 11:45AM EDT0

What would be your dream destination for travel outside your country?

Jun 16, 11:17AM EDT0

Hi Omar! It has always been a dream to be able to visit:

  1. Japan
  2. Korea
  3. USA

These three countries has always been in my bucketlist. I hope soon, sooooon, real soon, I'll be able to check or cross them out from my bucketlist! 

Last edited @ Jun 19, 11:18AM EDT.
Jun 19, 11:18AM EDT0

How do you find hidden gems when traveling locally?

Jun 16, 11:08AM EDT0

How has the political climate in the Philippines changed in your lifetime?

Jun 16, 9:41AM EDT0

How do you like to get around, in terms of travel transportation?

Jun 16, 7:39AM EDT0

How does your anxiety impact you on a daily basis?

Jun 16, 4:08AM EDT0

Do you prefer adventure travel or a more laid-back approach?

Jun 16, 4:07AM EDT0

laid back? you mean just chill, spontaneous? I honestly, prefer an unplanned travel. A spontaneous one. I've experienced all the planning, the accommodation inquiry but almost all did not happen. Whenever it is unplanned, there are much more adventures you get to experience compared to what you actually planned before. 

Did I answered you're question? lol. I was actually confused. :)

Jun 19, 11:25AM EDT0

Yeah, that was what I wanted, sorry for being unclear.

Jun 20, 7:23AM EDT0

How would you describe the wildlife and landscape of your region?

Jun 16, 3:39AM EDT0

If you could live in another country, which would it be?

Jun 16, 3:11AM EDT0

It would be Japan or Korea. I really admire how effecient their transportation system is. And seeing the discipline of the Korean and Japanese people in every aspect, it just make me want to live there sometimes. 

Jun 16, 8:42AM EDT0

What political changes would you like to see for the Philippines?

Jun 16, 2:58AM EDT0

What is your government doing to counteract terrorism?

Jun 16, 2:01AM EDT0

Right now, the PH government has declared Mindanao under martial law. (Mindanao, one of the three main archipelago's of PH, where I live). A month ago until this day, checkpoints are found everywhere in the city as well as other cities. Military had been sent to the place where war had started, and even up to now, it haven't ceased yet :(

Jun 16, 8:50AM EDT0

How have you been impacted by travel bans and heightened travel security?

Jun 16, 12:13AM EDT0

How would you describe the crisis facing your country?

Jun 15, 11:33PM EDT0

What do you think can be done to counteract terrorism around the world?

Jun 15, 10:42PM EDT0

Is your town particularly vulnerable to terrorism, and why?

Jun 15, 10:34PM EDT0

What are your favorite local shopping and entertainment places?

Jun 15, 10:09PM EDT0

Locally, there are 4 malls. one of them is a new one and there, several restaurants and cafes. I usually hang out there with my friends or when I have something to do. teahouses are also one of my fave hangout places!

Jun 16, 10:40AM EDT0

What are your favorite kind of trips to take locally?

Jun 15, 8:36PM EDT0

Hi! Going on a trip with friends on seasides, house hopping..

Jun 16, 10:42AM EDT0

What would you like people to know about your country?

Jun 15, 8:21PM EDT0

First of all, my Philippines is a beautiful country. One of those who had the most cheerful and hospitable people in the world. Not a perfect place to live, but so blessed to have most of nature's wonders! 

Jun 16, 11:38AM EDT0

Would carrying a gun make you feel safer in your community?

Jun 15, 7:24PM EDT43

Maybe. But its a NO for me. Its like fighting violence with violence. 

For self-defense? Could be. But what does a gun do? Shoot a person to kill or injure him/her, right? Unless if its your job and there was a need to shoot someone delinquent or in some circumstances. Carrying a gun for safety isn't something I'm sure about.

Let's say, you are in posession of a gun, then in a prticular circumstance you shoot someone because you felt like there was a need-for your safety and someone else's, but what happened, will not change the fact that you killed someone. This is just my opinion. I still prefer violence be punished with penalty and highest sentence of law.

Jun 16, 12:10PM EDT55
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What is the biggest difference between your parents' generation and young Filipinos?

Jun 15, 6:33PM EDT0