From the time i know of myself i am drawing and painting. My name is Milica, i am a self tought artist. Ask Me Anything!

Milica Dj
Jun 12, 2017

From the time i know of myself i am drawing and painting . My love for it started before my awareness of self . I would scrabble on every peace of paper i would find in house,wich for a result had my parents and grandparents ending up with phone books without any place to write in the phone numbers. 

When i got little older i started watching cartoons alot and they served me as a guidline for developing a style while drawing. When i was watching ''powerpuff girls ''i drew people with huge eyes for example,when i was watching ''Totaly spies'' i felt the need to make my characters anatomicaly more correct.

Because i had no guidline from a mentor that would teach me of correct techniques to use i had to improvise,observe and try hard to achive what i wanted to achive,wich,to this day is ''realism'' in painting.

Here you can see one of my favorite works,wich i have sold so its no longer in my possesion,but i am glad i took picture of it so i can brag with it .

Still life angel So yeah,ask me anything about #ArtAMA

Milica Dj says:

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Who is your favorite artist and why?

Jun 12, 9:17AM EDT0

Gustave Courbet - love his capability to show emotions so well 

Ilya Repin - Very expressive and dynamic artist

Mihailo Milovanovic - Very deep paintings

Jun 12, 10:44AM EDT0

Do you look down on those who are not self-taught?

Jun 12, 3:31AM EDT0


Jun 12, 7:57AM EDT0

Do they look down on you? 

Jun 12, 12:18PM EDT0

Do you play any musical instruments as well?

Jun 11, 10:49PM EDT0

no,although i wanted to play a piano as a child 

Jun 12, 7:57AM EDT0

do you thhink it's a more difficult skill to learn?

Jun 12, 7:58PM EDT0

Do you think you will be passionate about drawing forever?

Jun 11, 3:54AM EDT0

yes,i belive it will forever be my passion ,my favorite pass time,my stress relif,my pride 

Jun 11, 7:44AM EDT0

Could it be also a life-time job which will cover your basic needs from a financial point of view?

Jun 12, 11:45AM EDT0

Do you think you will be a professional artist?

Jun 11, 3:30AM EDT0

i would love to ,i hope one day 

Jun 11, 7:44AM EDT0

Are most of your friends also artists?

Jun 11, 2:33AM EDT0

No....actually none of them are into arts

Jun 11, 7:43AM EDT0

Are you trying to educate them in this sphere? Do you invite them to visit art galleries? 

Jun 12, 3:52PM EDT0

Do you like other types of art besides drawing and painting?

Jun 11, 1:52AM EDT0

writing,poetry,architecture - i just love everything that is pretty and has meaning,can make person feel something 

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Jun 11, 7:42AM EDT0

Do you think you can still improve a lot?

Jun 10, 8:25PM EDT0

yes,theres a lot of room for improvement

Jun 11, 7:42AM EDT0

Have you ever tried sculpting or pottery?

Jun 10, 5:17PM EDT0

in highschool i have ,i love it,but i am not as good at it and not as passionate for it to learn it by my own means like i did with drawing and painting 

Jun 11, 7:41AM EDT0

What painting are you most proud of?

Jun 10, 3:13PM EDT0

Most proud will sound like i am a narcissist,but actually two of my self portraits,i just love how they ended up looking 

Jun 11, 7:40AM EDT0

Is it possible to provide a photo of them? :-)

Jun 13, 9:06AM EDT0

If not English, what is your native language?

Jun 10, 3:02PM EDT0


Jun 11, 7:39AM EDT0

Has art prevented you from pursuing anything else?

Jun 10, 2:10PM EDT0

No ,art was never an obstacle for anyting else 

Jun 11, 7:39AM EDT0

Have any of your paintings been shown at a show?

Jun 10, 1:22PM EDT0

When i was in highschool,i was even awarded 

Jun 11, 7:39AM EDT0

Do you think lessons would improve your art?

Jun 10, 12:45PM EDT0

Yes,very much so i belive 

Jun 11, 7:38AM EDT0

Do you make any money from your art?

Jun 10, 11:50AM EDT0

From time to time,yes - people usually want their portraits done ,and i have sold few still life paintings 

Jun 11, 7:38AM EDT0

How long did it take you to complete such a portrait?

Jun 14, 7:24PM EDT0

What is your favorite style of painting?

Jun 10, 8:55AM EDT0

Western style,realism 

Jun 11, 7:38AM EDT0

Are you still getting better at art?

Jun 10, 8:49AM EDT0

I sure hope so - yes i see differences in my style now compared to last year for example

Jun 11, 7:34AM EDT0

Do you use art to distract yourself from other areas of your life?

Jun 10, 6:43AM EDT0

Actually yes. I have had moments in life that were very stressfull wich i depicted in my art ,trying to cope with them like that. 

Jun 11, 7:34AM EDT0

What other hobbies besides art do you have?

Jun 10, 6:32AM EDT0

i actually like writing ,i have like written books (not professional or anything) for my own pleasure and i like reading quite much

Jun 11, 7:33AM EDT0

Have you shared your books with anyone? What was their opinion? 

Jun 12, 12:46PM EDT0

Have you considered offering painting lessons?

Jun 10, 6:29AM EDT0

i have been approached by parents who would like me to teach their children,guide them better said - but i was never brave enough to accept such offer 

Jun 11, 7:32AM EDT0

Oh no! I think you should definitely try. Just first ask for some really small money and when you get more confident with lessons, set your price higher, especially for new clients.

Jun 12, 9:11AM EDT0