Hello! I’m Guillermo and I’ve been a nature-lover for as long as I have memory. One of my greatest outdoor adventures was when a friend and I decided to follow the course of a river with nothing more than a pair of canteens. AMA

Jun 7, 2017

I love exploring new places. When I was younger I used to go on adventures with friends who visited me and they enjoyed it as well. On one occasion, a friend of mine and I decided to follow the course of a river as far as we dared. We had this amazing adventure crossing the river, climbing trees and jumping from rock to rock. AMA!

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Did you find a lot of berries or fruit that you were able to eat?

Jun 7, 9:42PM EDT0

Yes, of course. There are two different kinds of berries growing in this particular pine tree forest and I also ate a green and juicy tuber that grows in the forest. Those two fruits were my main form of sustain during the adventure.

Jun 7, 10:15PM EDT0

Didn't your stomach refuse to eat the same food over and over again?

Jun 8, 7:31AM EDT0

What is the most useful tool that you always carry with you?

Jun 7, 12:15PM EDT0

A long staff that I use for support, to remove obstacles and defend myself if I have to. Portable knives are very useful too as well as matches and a rope :D

Jun 7, 5:40PM EDT0

Have you ever experienced a natural disaster that make you feel really small and pathetic compared to the mighty nature?

Jun 7, 8:34AM EDT0

Absolutely yes. I’ve always felt awed and overwhelmed by the power of a thunderstorm. They are such a beautiful display of the power of nature that it really makes you feel like you described: small and pathetic.

I also experienced the wrath of the hurricane Mitch, which struck our country back in 1998. To this day, the destruction it left on its path can still be seen in some places in our country and it makes you feel lucky to have lived through it.

Jun 7, 5:32PM EDT0

Was it easy to make a decision to follow the river?

Jun 7, 4:45AM EDT0

Yes, indeed. My friend and I had been wanting to do it for some time and one day we just did it! 

One of the best decisions I’ve ever taken!

Jun 7, 5:24PM EDT0

How old were you when you had this adventure?

Jun 6, 5:00PM EDT0

I was 13 years old. Just a young teenager who wanted to explore the great pine forest!

Jun 7, 5:18PM EDT0

How long can you walk non stop?

Jun 6, 1:34PM EDT0

I daresay that 3 hours non stop but you also have to take in account the terrain and weather conditions :)

Jun 7, 5:18PM EDT0

If your trips are long, do you miss people or TV or cars etc?

Jun 6, 8:24AM EDT0

Not at all. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I enjoy going on adventures so much is to get away from TV's and traffic jams, at least for a while. I've also felt overwhelmed by people more than once and I've found out that going into a forest really helps to clear your head.

Jun 7, 5:15PM EDT0

Do you climb mountains?

Jun 6, 7:39AM EDT0

Not yet but it’s definitely on my bucket list. On this particular adventure we climbed some hills but they were not even close to an actual mountain. One day I’ll climb a mountain and it’s going to be an epic day!

Jun 7, 5:10PM EDT0

How big is your backpack?

Jun 6, 6:51AM EDT0

I use a regular size backpack when I go out exploring. I haven't had the opportunity to get an adventure backpack but I certainly hope to get one eventually.

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Jun 7, 5:05PM EDT0

Which river was it?

Jun 6, 4:28AM EDT0

 It is actually a creek that runs down from La Tigra National Park, in Francisco Morazán, Honduras. The locals call it “Las Conejas” because there are many rabbits living around the creek and they can be seen jumping across the streets at night.

Jun 7, 5:01PM EDT0

Im so jealous of people who can take risks and just go out there! Any advice for people like me?

Jun 6, 4:18AM EDT0

Well, instead of just feeling jealous you could use it as a motivation to achieve your plans! Whenever you see someone in a place you would like to be just picture yourself in that same place and eventually it can occur, you just have to take the risk!

Jun 7, 4:47PM EDT0

Do you ever think about risks of getting a major injury or deadly disease? How do you estimate such risks?

Jun 6, 3:00AM EDT0

Good questions. When I went on this particular adventure I didn’t think about getting injured because I was confident in my abilities. I was in very good health at the time being so I didn’t consider any diseases. Nowadays, things are different because I always take food and supplies with me on this kind of trips and I also plan ahead.

What I usually do is to plan ahead and estimate the risk at the same time. But in some cases I’ve had to estimate risks at the moment they appear, ex: when I have to choose between crossing a dangerous part of the river or not.


Jun 7, 4:44PM EDT0

What was the scariest thing to do?

Jun 6, 2:26AM EDT0

Hmmmmm... Thankfully, I didnt had any close encounters with scary animals or other people. I think that the fact of just going to a place where you don't know what you'll encounter is scary enough but exciting as well!

Jun 7, 5:46PM EDT0

Are there any venomous spiders?

Jun 6, 1:40AM EDT0

I think there are some in that area but luckily for us we didn't come across any of them. I felt that some kind of animal scratched my leg when I was swimming but I don't think it was a spider.

Jun 7, 12:36AM EDT0

Did it last for several days?

Jun 6, 12:20AM EDT0

No, it didn't. We had to return on the same day but it took us at least 10 hours to get back to the place where we started the adventure.

Jun 7, 12:35AM EDT0

Was the temperature of the water too cold to swim in it for a long time and actually enjoy it?

Jun 6, 12:01AM EDT0

It was actually quite cold but after a while you got used to the water temperature. I felt very good swimming in that small river, nothing beats that natural feeling.

Jun 7, 12:34AM EDT0

What kind of boots were you wearing? What are the best you think?

Jun 5, 10:11PM EDT0

I was wearing a pair of Cat trekking shoes and I am going to stick with those. For me those are the best but I don't consider myself an expert on the subject :)

Jun 7, 12:31AM EDT0

What’s the most challenging landscape for a person like you?

Jun 5, 8:09PM EDT0

The most challenging landscape I've encountered has definitely been a huge wall of rock, wet with the drizzle of a nearby waterfall. We had to choose between climbing or taking a long detour from our route. In the end, we took the detour because of the danger of the climb.

Jun 7, 12:30AM EDT0

Do you encourage other people to join you?

Jun 5, 7:13PM EDT0

Of course. I have gone on adventures with different friends, family members, including my small nephews and niece, and even my mother has come with me into the pine forest. It is an experience worth sharing with others, especially when you go camping.

Jun 7, 12:22AM EDT0

How high did you have to climb?

Jun 5, 2:25PM EDT0

There was this stretch where my friend and I had to climb a 5 meters rock wall. We had no protection or climbing equipment whatsoever but we were enthusiastic and did it without too much difficulty.

Jun 7, 12:18AM EDT0