Hey! My name's Jestan and I'm Filipino. l live in a third world country and I'm saddened by the fact that some people here still don't know what the internet is, can't afford to get an elementary education or even don't get to eat three times a day. In fact, I met a boy who's from an indigenous group who doesn't have a name and doesn't know his age. His family just call him "Bugol-Bugol." Ask me anything!

Jestan Dale Mendame
Jun 8, 2017

I live in a third-world country and I just want people to be aware that some people can't even get the chance to go to school, eat three times a day, and etc. I just want to raise awareness and hope that it could help shape the people's minds and actions.

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If people had the Internet, would they be willing to study?

Jun 8, 9:20AM EDT0

There are some people who take the Internet for granted and I was actually one of them. To be honest, I belong to the average income earners so have took it for granted before. But yes, I can really see that many people, especially the indigenous  and underprivileged groups could really benefit from it, 

Jun 8, 9:26AM EDT0

Is it a matter of money or availability of various social institutions?

Jun 7, 6:27PM EDT0

It's both. Money is hard to earn here and the lack of available institutions make it a lot harder. It's really tough if the government doesn't really step up to help these people. But of course, personally, I do try to find ways on helping these people in my own little ways.

Jun 8, 9:29AM EDT0

What is the most typical income source in your country?

Jun 7, 2:41PM EDT0

Retailing. People sell anything here I'd they think they can make money out of it. You'd see people here roaming the streets selling food, towels, flowers, and what not. 

Jun 8, 9:30AM EDT0

And the customers are tourists or the local people?

Jun 11, 12:49PM EDT0

Why do you guess it happens at all?

Jun 7, 8:47AM EDT0

Well, I'm really thinking long and hard why it happens. But I think that there's gotta be more camaraderie amongst Filipinos. Times have changed and the old ways are dying(I'm talking about Filipino culture). Back then, people would help their neighbors move their bamboo house to another location of they needed to(Google bayanihan).

Jun 8, 9:34AM EDT0
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What is the percentage of people without elementary education?

Jun 7, 8:28AM EDT0

I don't know the exact numbers. I can Google it for you.😀 however, I think 3 out of 10 kids don't get a chance to receive elementary education l, if they did,they stop and don't graduate at all.

Jun 8, 9:36AM EDT0

Do people move to other countries a lot because of that reason?

Jun 7, 5:20AM EDT0

A big yes. It's one of the biggest reasons why most Filipinos and other southeast Asian Countries do that. But some people do it to escape the problem while some people do it to help solve the problem(family members sending money back home so relatives can go to school).

Jun 8, 9:38AM EDT0

Sounds pessimistic...

Jun 10, 10:12AM EDT0

Did you go to school? How many years did it take? Was it for free?

Jun 7, 5:08AM EDT0

Yes, I did go to school. Fortunately, I was lucky enough that my parents worked hard enough to put me through college. But there's still a big number of people here who can't graduate elementary and I got a few close friends that are like that.

Jun 8, 9:39AM EDT0

What was your major in college?

Jun 11, 4:33AM EDT0

Is it expensive to have the Internet in your country?

Jun 6, 10:28PM EDT0

For 3MBPS,  we pay about 30 dollars. I don't know how it is in your country but it really sucks here. It's too slow and expensive. Two major companies dominate the Internet service field here so there's not a lot of competition to bring the prices down.

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Jun 8, 9:41AM EDT0

I think there are a lot of such indigenous tribes all over the world. I believe this diversity is really good for our world. Don’t you think so?

Jun 6, 8:30PM EDT0

Yes, I agree with you on that. I admire them and I feel really bad that they are the minorities here right now. Their ancestors used to rule most of the Philippines hundreds of years ago. It's kind of like the same with the native Americans.

Jun 8, 9:43AM EDT0

So true :(

Jun 10, 8:04PM EDT0

Does your governments somehow take care of such people?

Jun 6, 5:38PM EDT0

They do but not really. They just set up projects just cause it's right and ethical. But, they don't put so much heart into them.

Jun 8, 9:44AM EDT0

So typical for most governments around the world. I wish could live without these stupid governments. Sorry it sounds like I'm a communist. I'm not. It just feels so unfair

Jun 10, 1:56AM EDT0

How many people go to college after school in the Philippines?

Jun 6, 3:09PM EDT0

My guess, like 4/10 kids don't go to college. I have a few close friends who haven't got a college degree even if they wanted to. They end up getting minimum wage jobs that's just enough to pay for the bills

Jun 8, 9:46AM EDT0
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Maybe without all this stuff indigenous people feel very happy. No?

Jun 6, 2:02PM EDT0

I want to say yes, but I must say no. Why?times are changing and they can't catch up. I think everyone needs to get an education not just for money, Success, or any materialistic purpose, but for self realization/awareness.

Jun 8, 9:48AM EDT0

Awareness is a good cause. Thank you for your answer.

Jun 9, 11:03AM EDT0

Jestan, I’m surprised that people don’t get to eat regularly. I thought there are a lot of vegetables and fruit growing in the Philippines due to its climate.

Jun 6, 1:38PM EDT0

Wow, good observation. Actually, yes. There are some people who can eat regularly because of that reason. But in the city where there's not enough room to do that and people don't even have a house, that's nearly impossible. But yes, in the rural areas, people are lucky there but the ones in the urban areas suffer so much.

Jun 8, 9:51AM EDT0

Maybe I stereotypically picture the Philippines as being very rural. Now I realized that it's absolutely not! Thanks for your Insight.

Jun 12, 5:40AM EDT0

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person?

Jun 6, 11:35AM EDT0

I am. I'm lucky my grandparents (who didn't graduate elementary)put my mom to and dad to school until they graduated college. The result, I Get to reap those benefits of my parents hard work so I got a college.degree too

Jun 8, 9:53AM EDT0

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know my name and didn’t have any job or other commitments.

Jun 6, 11:17AM EDT1

Yes. It's easier that way right?

Jun 8, 9:55AM EDT0

Yeah. Like a cat's life

Jun 9, 10:42PM EDT0

When I travelled to the Philippines I didn’t get this feeling at all.

Jun 6, 10:41AM EDT0

Yes, it's not really like that. Filipinos are happy that they don't show that side. But may I ask, what area did you travel to? There are some areas that it's not like that, based on what I said.

Jun 8, 9:54AM EDT0

Well, just the capital...

Jun 9, 4:52PM EDT0

What is the average life expectancy in your country?

Jun 6, 10:27AM EDT0

Probably around the 70s. Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of senior health care, etc are the major factors.

Jun 8, 9:57AM EDT0

Did you have a chance to get education in the Philippines? Did you change your life?

Jun 6, 7:47AM EDT0

I'm one of the lucky people who got a good education. All thanks to my grandparents(who didn't graduate elementary school) who worked so hard to put my parents to school. The result, my parents were able to put me to school with no difficulty.

Jun 8, 9:58AM EDT0

No way!!! it’s hard to believe that still somewhere in the world there is no internet or wifi. I mean we all take it for granted. Sad(((

Jun 6, 6:32AM EDT0

A big part of the Philippines have Internet connection but that only applies to the cities. In the rural areas, they don't have that. If they want to have access, they travel to the main towns just to do that. 

Jun 8, 10:00AM EDT0

Did that boy complain about not knowing his name and age?

Jun 6, 6:09AM EDT0

Surprisingly, no. He didn't complain. I can send you a pic of him if you want. He's such a good boy who just smiles and looks at you innocently.

Jun 8, 10:01AM EDT0