I am a furparent and a photographer wanna-be. Ask me anything!

Sep 18, 2017

I am Bernadette, 22, a registered medical technologist, and a dog owner. Our family owns four shih tzu, a jack russell, a belgian malinois, a german shepherd and a dutch shepherd. I am also an events photographer, mostly dog events. I learned and still learning from experience and mostly prefers candid shots and portraits. You can ask me anything. :) 

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These pictures are adorable! How long have you been doing photography? Have you ever thought of doing a start up photography business?

Sep 18, 1:34PM EDT0

Hi Brandon! Thank you. I started february just this year and yes, i have plans to put up a photography business

Sep 18, 3:55PM EDT0
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What do you do as a medical technologist?

Sep 18, 11:59AM EDT0

I work on a project based research. It is a collaboration of a graduate school university in Japan and a research institute here in the PH. I test stool specimen and look for any parasites

Sep 18, 3:59PM EDT0
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What is the difference between a JPEG and a RAW file type?

Sep 18, 10:56AM EDT0

Honestly, i don't really know how to answer that. All of my photos are in JPEG

Sep 18, 4:30PM EDT0
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What camera are you using and would you recommend it to others?

Sep 18, 10:45AM EDT0

I use nikon D5100. Of course, i would highly recommend this one! 

Sep 18, 4:00PM EDT0
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Among your works, which one is your favorite & could you share it with us?

Sep 18, 10:41AM EDT0

The ones i posted are my favorites because those portraits are our dogs. I usually delete the photos from events after uploading them to our events page

Sep 18, 4:02PM EDT0
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Do you have a Flikr or Getty Images account?

Sep 18, 9:21AM EDT0

I don't have any of those. I only have facebook and instagram

Sep 18, 9:36AM EDT0
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How hard is it to become a photographer for events like a dog event?

Sep 18, 5:11AM EDT0

It is really challenging because you get to work with dogs you met for the first time. You have no idea how they will behave so i usually stay for 3 minutes each dog to capture a good photo. But it is fun! :) 

Sep 18, 7:57AM EDT0
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Where can I learn more about the psychology behind good composition?

Sep 18, 2:47AM EDT0

Hi! Unfortunately, i don't know where. I don't read books/articles with regards to photography. I just shoot photos randomly. 

Sep 18, 4:11AM EDT0
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What is your favorite type of photography to shoot?

Sep 17, 7:26PM EDT0

Do you mean subject? I prefer human and of course, dogs. :) 

Sep 17, 8:04PM EDT0
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How long have you been a Photographer?

Sep 17, 6:58PM EDT0

I started early this year. If i remember it right, the first even wherein i am a photographer was on the month of February

Sep 17, 8:03PM EDT0
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Do you enter your dogs in any of the events?

Sep 17, 6:18PM EDT0

No. I don't bring them during events because they need to travel far plus i can't work when i'm with them

Sep 17, 6:35PM EDT0
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In the field, what are your preferred settings & why?

Sep 17, 4:52PM EDT0

When i'm working on events, i set it on no flash mode. The settings will be likely selected by the camera. 

Sep 17, 6:55PM EDT0
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How did you get into photographing Dog events?

Sep 17, 3:31PM EDT0

A family friend started organizing events and looked for a photographer but found no one. So he asked me a favor - to take pictures on an event and he liked my photos so he made me the official photographer of the team. :) 

Last edited @ Sep 17, 10:05PM EDT.
Sep 17, 6:37PM EDT0
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What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

Sep 17, 2:42PM EDT0

Well maybe it is because this is what i really love to do. :) 

Sep 17, 6:38PM EDT0
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Do you sell your photos as stock photography as well?

Sep 17, 1:56PM EDT0

No. But i would like to. lol

Sep 17, 6:38PM EDT0
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What's one of the best cameras on the market right now if money were no object?

Sep 17, 1:32PM EDT0

Well i am dreaming of having a fujifilm. I think that one's good :) 

Sep 17, 6:39PM EDT0
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How difficult is it to get the correct moment when photgraphing your pets? How do you handle red-eye?

Sep 17, 1:20PM EDT0

Well, with the red eye i don:t really know how to deal with that one. Taking pictures of dogs is very difficult esp when you try to get closer and then they don't know you so the tendency is that they move. I usually ask the owner to help me steady the dog or i ask the owner if i can touch the dog and pet him. I usually take candid pictures 

Sep 17, 6:45PM EDT0
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What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

Sep 17, 1:12PM EDT0

I just want people to see the emotions and beauty in my photos. 

Sep 17, 6:46PM EDT0
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Do you have a Getty Images account?

Sep 17, 12:20PM EDT0

None. I just post pictures on my personal social media accounts. 

Sep 17, 12:38PM EDT0
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What gear do you shoot with?

Sep 17, 12:11PM EDT0

I use Nikon D5100

Sep 17, 12:39PM EDT0
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