I am a self diagnosed bipolar ( and autistic), ask me anything.

Sep 18, 2017

your people call me weird and sensitive. Which I don’t get ‘cause I feel the same towards ‘em. I’ve always been different or atleast that’s how people around me made me feel. I consider myself an introvert, thus make parties appear boring to me. I feel alone and that’s not a bad thing for me because I always thought that things would go better if it’s just me. I wanna find people who thinks alike, to prove my existence maybe or whatever ..

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Why do you feel you are a bipolar/and autistic?

Sep 18, 11:31AM EDT1

Just like how you feel without having it. I hate the judgement people give after they knew though.

Sep 18, 11:59PM EDT0

What's the worse/best reaction that a people gave that you have ever experienced?

Sep 20, 6:41AM EDT0

There's nothing wrong with being an introvert and not liking parties, have you always felt you prefer your own company or is it just recently?

Sep 18, 2:44AM EDT1

I’ve always and will always prefer being on my own. I just feel like I can move with a large group or a crowd. And noise exhausts me! Sooooo much. When noise triggers an episode I would recount what I feel during that episode and it seems to me that I could hear every detail. From chewing to grinning of teeth, saliva producing in a person’s mouth, they’re breathing, sometimes even their bloodflow. That’s impossible though so I dunn

Sep 18, 2:56AM EDT0

Wow, thats incredible how you pick up on sound like that. Do you try to stay away from big crowds now? What about every day activities, such as going into a busy supermarket? 

Sep 19, 12:14AM EDT1

How does your autism manifest itself?

Sep 17, 9:13PM EDT1

Personally, it manifests to me in my daily life like arranging something and then destroying it and repeating it over and over. That calms me down.

Social interaction could be one. I don’t really get non verbal cues I learned some overtime like eyerolling. I need to ask what the person does and have them explain whatever signal or non verbal cue they’re sending me

Sep 18, 2:52AM EDT0

If somebody explains their actions to you, does it make you feel less stressed? 

Sep 18, 11:53PM EDT0

Do you have any special talents that you excel in?

Sep 17, 7:45PM EDT1

Of course! Hell I am good at singing! I love performing arts, like acting and all

Sep 18, 2:48AM EDT0

Have you been in any productions? Maybe that would be a nice thing for you to get involved in? 

Sep 18, 11:32PM EDT0

Does marijuana oil help with bipolar disorder or autism?

Sep 17, 7:24PM EDT1

I am not sure about that. Never came accross my reading/ research.

Sep 18, 2:47AM EDT0

I would definitely research into this. I know many people who use it very successfully! 

Sep 18, 11:03PM EDT0

How do you know when you have an episode, can you feel it coming on?

Sep 17, 7:18PM EDT1

I can’t really know ahead. I would usually know after it already happened or sometimes at the peak of it. What triggers it mostly is excitement and death (I say death, I meant a force/someone deliberately, or not, causing something of someone to be out of life - trees being cut, animals being killed or people. Mostly “nature killing” gives me longer episodes. Isn’t that weird? Haha

Sep 18, 2:46AM EDT0

Nothing is weird, its how you think and everybody needs to respect that. Can an episode begin from lets say, watching a documentary where an animal is killed? 

Sep 18, 11:00PM EDT1

How old are you and what do you do?

Sep 17, 4:54PM EDT1

I’m 25. I do theatre from time to time. I have a job but I can’t disclose it here. Send me a message

Sep 18, 2:33AM EDT0

If you could anything as a career, what would you do? 

Sep 18, 10:47PM EDT1

Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 17, 4:05PM EDT1

I am. May I know why you would like to follow me?

Sep 18, 2:32AM EDT0

Have you seen a doctor or a counselor to help you?

Sep 17, 1:28PM EDT1

No. I don’t think help is what “normal” people should do. It’s imperative for “normal” people to “understand” then work around that. But no, I have not seen a doctor for “help”

Sep 18, 2:32AM EDT0
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Are you having any treatment for bipolarity and autism?

Sep 17, 6:51AM EDT1

Nope. Again, I don’t think it’s a disorder. Not normal for most but ...

Sep 18, 2:30AM EDT0
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What makes you happy?

Sep 17, 2:49AM EDT1

Nature. Water specally. 

Sep 18, 2:29AM EDT0
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Do you have any friends online that you chat to?

Sep 17, 1:46AM EDT1

I do. I have 3 closest friends. 2 of them are overseas. I have one I meet and talk to from time to time

Sep 18, 2:28AM EDT0
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What are your hobbies or interests?

Sep 17, 1:20AM EDT1

I love singing and acting!

Sep 18, 2:27AM EDT0
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What do your parents think, do they agree with your self diagnosis?

Sep 16, 10:53PM EDT1

They don’t know. They just know I’m irritable and moody and silent.

Sep 18, 2:27AM EDT0
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What forums do you usually hang out on?

Sep 16, 9:25PM EDT1

None 🙂

Sep 16, 9:32PM EDT0

Can you explain why you think you are bipolar?

Sep 16, 6:41PM EDT1

I love people basically, I love observing what they do and what lead them to do the things they do. I like analyzing them. Having me read or watch more on genres like people’s mind, brain, how the brain works, etc. Thus lead me seeing myself with countless experiences I have learned from people who are medically diagnosed bipolar. It’s like deja vu when I’m reading or watching a subject about them. So my basis is not just the stereotype but diligently analyzing what happened after an episode.

Sep 16, 6:54PM EDT0
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How do you self diagnose yourself?

Sep 16, 6:31PM EDT1

Analyzing from what is being presented from studies, book, films, etc. Then seeing yourself in the situation like they’re describing who you are.

Sep 16, 6:48PM EDT0
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What do you have problems with, relating to people, emotions or what?

Sep 16, 5:52PM EDT1

Emotions primarily but since I don’t live alone in the world, those emotions affects how I interact with people. So both, basically.

Sep 16, 6:50PM EDT0
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Do you have any siblings?

Sep 16, 4:12PM EDT1

Yes I do.

Sep 16, 5:28PM EDT0
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What is the difference between depression and bipolar disorder, are you depressed?

Sep 16, 3:27PM EDT1

Depression is when everything falls apart, everything is negative.

Bipolar is a kind of depression but it’s exaggerates your happiness whenever you are or sadness whenever u are. It’s over happiness or over sadness in a way and the shift between two can be so sudden.

Sep 16, 5:32PM EDT0
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