I'm Jestan Mendame and I love to explore. I've swum with sea turtles, observed dolphins in their natural habitat, hiked a mountain full of carnivorous plants (pitcher plants), ate live sea urchins, ate an undeveloped duck egg, ate barbecued chicken intestines, and more. Now, I'm still trying to add to that list! Ask me anything!

Jestan Dale Mendame
Jun 18, 2017

I do travel blogging and I'm currently trying to explore the different places in my country. At the same time, I want to experience all the weird and unique things that you can do here so I can share those experiences to my friends, family, and possibly you.

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Hi, I assume you have been in the Philippines where underdeveloped duck eggs are a delicacy. What else have you tried? 

Jun 19, 10:33PM EDT0

I am that adventurous also on eating! My last status on facebook said it all... There are way to many yummy foods out in the world, for me to try, to be a vegetarian!

Jun 18, 8:27PM EDT0

Cool bro. What was the weirdest food that you tried?

Jun 18, 8:28PM EDT0

Do you study all these environments before you explore them? Yes? Then what is the information you generally need to know before you go exploring places ?

Jun 18, 6:06AM EDT0

I don't a little bit of research, just enough to know what are the things that you can and cannot do. It helps to he informed. Basically, I just research about the simple things like is it a protected area, what are the animals living there, what are the source of livelihood of the people, etc. These thing will help shape your approach on how you will explore a place.

Jun 18, 11:31AM EDT1

Do you go on nature trips with friends or by yourself?

Jun 16, 3:36PM EDT0

I love going out with friends. In fact, I love to go out with different groups. Sometimes I go out with my high school best friends, college friends, or the friends of my friends. It's more fun if we do it with everyone.haha

Jun 17, 9:45AM EDT0

Do you feel bad about killing unborn ducks?

Jun 15, 12:25PM EDT0

They would end up being eaten when they grow up though so there's no difference. That's how I see it so I don't really feel bad about it. I don't know, that's just me though but I would like to get insights from other people. How about you? What's your opinion about that? 

Jun 17, 9:47AM EDT0

How do you decide what is OK to eat?

Jun 15, 7:06AM EDT0

Anything that is not illegal and endangered are okay with me. But of course, there are just some things that I'd never eat in my entire life such as dogs, cats, and other types of pets. It's quite a common custom here in Asia to eat dogs and cats but I'd never dare to eat one.

Jun 17, 9:49AM EDT0

What inspires you to try strange and unique foods?

Jun 14, 6:23PM EDT0

I don't know. I probably just have a strong stomach. haha. But I do it for the experience too you know so you have something to share to people. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't eat dogs, cats, and other types of pets.

Jun 17, 9:51AM EDT0

Would you consider eating dolphin, if not why not?

Jun 14, 2:50PM EDT0

Never! Dolphins are close to being endangered and also, they're not really considered food here in my country. You see, I'd try anything that's not illegal to eat. By law, Dolphins along with sea turtles, whale sharks, and other rare sea creatures are protected here. I mean, Dolphins are like dogs, you can't just eat them. haha

Jun 17, 9:54AM EDT0

What nature adventure do you want to go on next?

Jun 14, 10:25AM EDT0

Probably swimming with whale sharks. I really want to do that. But I'm still trying to save up some money.

Jun 18, 11:47AM EDT0

Do you participate in the sport of hunting?

Jun 14, 6:04AM EDT0

No, I don't. I don't really like Hunting. But I do support it as long as it's legal.

Jun 18, 11:48AM EDT0

Were you aware of the pitcher plants when you started your hike?

Jun 14, 3:54AM EDT0

Yes, I was. I raise pitcher plants at home so I actually look for mountain where I can see them in their natural habitat.

Jun 18, 11:49AM EDT0

Do you have any pets of your own at home?

Jun 14, 3:27AM EDT0

Yeah. I have a tarantula and two dogs.haha. I also raise pitcher plants and Venus flytraps back then.

Jun 18, 11:47AM EDT0

Do you think the sea urchins felt pain when you ate them alive?

Jun 14, 2:10AM EDT0

I don't know. They weren't really alive though since they were cut in half. You could still see the spines moving but I think it was more like a reflex. But yeah, maybe they were still alive but I don't really think they feel pain.

Jun 18, 11:46AM EDT0

Do you work in a nature related field or is this just a hobby?

Jun 13, 7:12PM EDT0

I'm a business graduate so yes, this is just all for fun.haha

Jun 18, 11:44AM EDT0

Did you ever swim directly with the dolphins?

Jun 13, 4:37PM EDT0

I wish but you really can't if you're in the wild. Unless they put them in fish pens. However, I don't really like that kind of method. but I could have done that though, but the tour guide advised us not too.

Jun 18, 11:44AM EDT0

Do you have any regrets about your travels?

Jun 13, 1:02PM EDT0

Not really. Eventhough traveling is exhausting both financially and physically, it's all worth it.

Jun 18, 11:41AM EDT0

Have you ever seen the sea turtle eggs hatch?

Jun 13, 11:49AM EDT0

I wish. I'd never seen one before. Maybe someday I'd be able to witness it when I return to the island where I saw them.

Jun 18, 11:41AM EDT0

Would you eat chicken intestines if they weren’t barbecued?

Jun 13, 8:56AM EDT0

No way.hahaha. I would never eat them raw. But if they were boiled or fried, it's okay, just as long as they're cooked.

Jun 18, 11:40AM EDT0

What did barbecued chicken intestines taste like?

Jun 13, 8:32AM EDT0

I can't really describe. But it's good, tastes like chicken skin except for the Sandy texture and after taste.haha

Jun 18, 11:39AM EDT0

Were you ever in danger from the pitcher plants?

Jun 13, 8:14AM EDT0

No, pitcher plants are not dangerous. They are fascinating plants that keep the balance of nature. They try to keep mosquito populations low.

Jun 18, 11:37AM EDT0

How long did the hike with pitcher plants take?

Jun 13, 7:55AM EDT0

It took about 1 hour. It wasn't that long but the pitcher plants that I saw are pretty common. If you want to see bigger pitchers, mountains that take about 7 hours to hike are the ones you should try.

Jun 18, 11:36AM EDT0

What is your favorite animal of all time?

Jun 13, 2:40AM EDT0

If you're talking about food, u don't know, there's many. But if it's just about exploring, dolphins are awesome.

Jun 18, 11:34AM EDT0

What country did you eat undeveloped duck egg in?

Jun 13, 2:32AM EDT0

In my country.haha. It's pretty common here but I still want to try more exotic foods, especially in Thailand. I've heard Tarantulas are being eaten there.

Jun 18, 11:34AM EDT0

How often do you get to go on an adventure?

Jun 13, 1:54AM EDT0

I do go like twice a month. It depends whether I'm busy or not but as much as possible I like to travel at least twice even though it's a small trip.

Jun 18, 11:32AM EDT0

Why would you eat an undeveloped duck egg?

Jun 12, 11:55PM EDT0

It's a Filipino delicacy so people eat it on a daily basis. It's like eating eggs basically, that's how I see it. But I don't know, how do you view that kind of culture? I'm curious. Is it like something that you could associate with someone eating dogs?(I don't eat dogs by the way)

Jun 17, 10:17AM EDT0

Could you tell that you were eating intestines?

Jun 12, 11:50PM EDT0

Hmm.. It's not really new for me though because it's a street food delicacy here in my country so I don't really mind how it feels eating one. But for someone who's not used to eating it, yes, you can tell that they're intestines just by the looks and texture. Here's a link that you might want to check out: 


Jun 17, 10:15AM EDT0

Why would you want to eat live sea urchins?

Jun 12, 8:55PM EDT0

They're not endangered so as long as something can be eaten legally, I'm up for it. Oh, don't get me wrong, you don't eat the whole sea urchin, you'll die if you do that.haha.. I wish I could send you a picture here but it's not working so here's a post on my Instagram feed that you might want to check out. 


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Jun 17, 9:39AM EDT0

What were you doing when you were observing the dolphins?

Jun 12, 8:44PM EDT0

Shouting like a kid.haha. The thing is, you can't really swim with the dolphins even if you wanted too since they're too fast. But I'd definitely love to swim with them but as much as possible, I want my trips to be eco-friendly. I've read some things on how they treat dolphins in water parks where people get to swim with them and it's not good.

Jun 17, 9:20AM EDT0

How often do you go on adventurous trips?

Jun 12, 8:32PM EDT0

Probably like twice in a month? I do travel blogging part-time and I'm still a noob at it. Right now, I have a full-time writing job so I do travel if I get my tasks done in advance which rarely happens of course. How about you? Do you go on adventure trips too?


Jun 17, 9:18AM EDT0

Did you eat the undeveloped duck egg at a restaurant?

Jun 12, 7:17PM EDT0

They don't serve that in restaurants here. It's a common street food that they sell here along with other weird food like grilled coagulated pig blood, chicken feet, and chicken head.

Jun 17, 9:15AM EDT0

What is your overall top experience with wildlife?

Jun 12, 6:58PM EDT0

I'm not really sure what it is but I guess it would have to be with the Sea Turtles. But I'm still planning to swim with whale sharks(the eco-friendly way) so it might change pretty soon.haha

Jun 17, 9:16AM EDT0

What are some other strange foods that you’ve eaten?

Jun 12, 4:30PM EDT0

I don't know if you've heard of the shipworm before. But it's also another strange thing I've eaten before. They're usually found on trees and the taste like oysters actually.

Jun 17, 9:11AM EDT0

Are there any animals that you would not eat?

Jun 12, 4:22PM EDT0

Yes of course. I would never eat dogs, cats, household pets, and other animals that aren't supposed to be eaten. Basically, I'm up for anything that's not endangered or isn't prohibited by law.

Jun 17, 8:31AM EDT0

What strange food would you recommend to someone who hasn’t tried anything of the sort?

Jun 12, 3:38PM EDT0

Since I'm Filipino, I'd definitely recommend Balut. It's actually healthy and it tastes good too. The only thing that most people don't like about it is the undeveloped chick part with the feathers and all. It's like a right of passage for most foreigners when they visit my country.

Jun 17, 8:29AM EDT0

Would you consider yourself to be an adventurist?

Jun 12, 1:30PM EDT0

I'm not really sure because there are times when I just want to stay at home and watch movies all day.haha But, I do love to explore especially places where there's no "civilization." With that, I mean no internet, no cable TVs, and such.

Jun 17, 8:27AM EDT0

Are there any strange foods that you have refused to eat?

Jun 12, 11:19AM EDT0

As much as possible, I don't say no to exotic foods. A few on my bucket list are locusts and farm rats. However, I'd definitely say no to eating dogs and cats which is usually done here in most Southeast Asian countries.

Jun 17, 8:25AM EDT0

Have you completed any other dangerous hikes?

Jun 12, 11:04AM EDT0

Not really. So far, I've only had intermediate level hikes but I'd definitely love to try that. The ironic thing is I'm somehow scared of heights but I try to challenge myself by going on hikes. lol How about you? have you tried dangerous hikes before?

Jun 17, 8:23AM EDT0

Did anybody get hurt by the pitcher plants?

Jun 12, 10:26AM EDT0

No bro. Actually, the locals are afraid that the tourists might hurt the pitcher plants.haha . Pitcher plants are somehow rare plants that only grow on uninhabited areas so they try to protect them as much as possible. But it's really awesome seeing those plants around.

Jun 17, 8:21AM EDT0