In three years I suffered 6 episodes of violence such as robberies, thefts and aggressions. Hard, shocking, and occasionally comical events which have influenced my life. AMA!

Anna Italiano
Jun 21, 2017

When I was a college student I suffered two armed robbery. Bag-snatch and aggressions are common in the city where I lived. These events have changed my way of living the night. Ask me to tell you about these episodes, my fears, or how I avoided some theft. Share your experiences if you had so horrible!


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Have you tried meditation to help you heal?

Jun 22, 12:26AM EDT0

I practice yoga, but I give little space to meditation to appreciate the benefits. I will do more, thanks for the advice :)

Jun 22, 12:33AM EDT0

Do you happen to live in Venezuela? because I do, and I've been robbed 5 times in less than two years

Jun 21, 6:51PM EDT0

No, it happened to Naples, Italy, where I lived. I know there are other places in the world even more dangerous, this is really sad ... I understand you. However, Venezuela must be wonderful by excluding these bad experiences :(

Jun 21, 11:46PM EDT0
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Have you ever thought to yourself,  "Why me?" 

Jun 21, 5:11PM EDT0

I never thought this why things were happening around me, even worse for ordinary people, without a reason why and without an obvious trigger. Criminals hit for money, without give too much importance to the victims, I think. Maybe if I was a robust man, of course, I would be well defended :)

Jun 21, 11:50PM EDT0

Do you live/work/study in a primarily crime prone neighborhood?

Jun 20, 3:07AM EDT0

No, I live in another place but at the time I was living and studying in an area where these bad episodes were very frequent

Jun 20, 12:06PM EDT0

Why did you experience such events repeatedly over a period of three years?

Jun 19, 2:10AM EDT46

I was living and studying in an area of Naples where these episodes were very frequent, I liked my home  and I was close to the University and to the homes of many other students, friends. Initially, I did not want to change the area, then, after three years and the many sad events, I decided to do it

Jun 20, 12:09PM EDT38

In general, can you call Naples a dangerous city?

Jun 22, 3:10AM EDT17

Were you ever hospitalized after a burglary or an aggressive interference by those criminals?

Jun 18, 8:08AM EDT33

Yes, after only one episode, but more for shock than for real traumas. After a few hours I was rescued from the hospital with a few days of rest

Jun 20, 12:11PM EDT33

Well, thank God for that! Had anyone of those guys physically abused you? and had they been arrested?

Jun 22, 3:33AM EDT11

Do you live in a really rich neighborhood where thieves have ample stuff to steal?

Jun 18, 2:39AM EDT28

In the city of Naples, at least in some areas, there is not a real distinction between rich and poor neighborhoods. In the old town, for example, there are many noble families, but in the same palace they can live poor families, with members in jail. I lived there where students mix with microcriminals, or wealthy families and tourists

Jun 18, 4:08AM EDT27

What a curious area! Why have you chosen to live there?

Jun 22, 4:20AM EDT40

Have you ever been suspicious of someone who might be involved in these crimes?

Jun 17, 3:09PM EDT0

As I wrote in the previous question, I suspected that some members of the poor family in my neighborhood could be the accomplice or the author of the thefts

Jun 18, 4:03AM EDT0

Did you check the people working around in your apartment complex or house as often the ‘help’ is involved in petty crimes and burglaries?

Jun 17, 1:57PM EDT0

In the neighborhood where I lived there were many poor families, family members in prison and disadvantaged situations. Some of them might be involved in robberies or accomplice in them

Last edited @ Jun 18, 4:03AM EDT.
Jun 18, 4:01AM EDT0

Do you trust your security company and have you checked whether information or details are not being leaked from their place?

Jun 17, 12:28PM EDT0

There was no security company at the time, no cameras or special measures, despite thefts and robberies were daily in the historic city center

Jun 17, 2:28PM EDT0

Did you find out what exactly the thieves were targeting or looking for when they raided your place?

Jun 17, 11:56AM EDT0

In homes of University's students, they are mostly looking for computers and know that it is easy to get into these apartments. Regard to street robberies, the main purpose is to steal mobile phones and money

Jun 17, 2:32PM EDT0

Have you tried changing you locks or your security system after getting burglarized?

Jun 17, 11:46AM EDT0

A few days after the last theft in the house my roommate and I changed apartment and area

Jun 17, 2:33PM EDT0

Has your roomate also been sent to the hospital then?

Jun 22, 3:25AM EDT0

Do you live alone in your house or was there anyone back home or in the office?

Jun 17, 10:47AM EDT0

During the years I attended the University (corresponding to the years I suffered these aggressions)I shared the apartment with one or two roommates.

Jun 17, 2:35PM EDT0

Did you seek medical or psychological help to help you overcome those violent experiences?

Jun 17, 4:14AM EDT0

At the time no, I did not have psychological support, though maybe it would been useful. I have worked out these events later, but the fear of having others survived

Jun 17, 2:39PM EDT0

Which country are you from and which city do you live in presently?

Jun 16, 5:38PM EDT0

I am Italian and currently live in Ischia, an island of the Campania archipelago

Jun 17, 1:33AM EDT0

Don’t you have close circuit cameras and adequate security around the place you work and live?

Jun 16, 4:49PM EDT0

I suffered these aggressions during the early years of 2000, at the time no, the area was not equipped with security systems

Jun 17, 1:36AM EDT0

Are you now scared of witnessing a burglary and getting thrashed again?

Jun 16, 4:08PM EDT0

What scares me now would be returning to live in a dangerous city, because I have a small child and I would never want to live such a bad situation. But I would surely act as a witness to theft or something else if it was to help someone

Jun 17, 1:45AM EDT0

Did you consider changing the place you stay or your house or neighborhood to avoid being a victim of such violent crimes?

Jun 16, 4:02PM EDT0

Yes, I did about 5 years ago. I moved to Ischia, not too far from Naples but it is a very quiet place

Jun 17, 1:38AM EDT0

Are you a victim of personal hatred or attack due to some reason or misunderstanding?

Jun 16, 12:29AM EDT0

The only reason I was attacked is the money

Jun 16, 6:47AM EDT0

Did you ever manage to thwart a burglary attempt and get timely police help?

Jun 15, 9:11PM EDT35

It never happened that the police intervened promptly during one of these unpleasant events

Last edited @ Jun 16, 6:44AM EDT.
Jun 16, 6:43AM EDT43

Does Italian police work badly?

Jun 22, 3:16AM EDT32