My name is Kathryn Santos. I am an aspiring student. Ask me anything.

Dec 2, 2017

This is an AMA about casual stuffs wherein you can ask simple and random questions of your own and seek solidified answers with the help of collected opinions from people. In my line of thinking, every opinion counts. Just don't give me questions that are not related to the question like things that are disgusting because that won't help at all. This is my first AMA so please help yourself find what you seek.

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Would you love to share one of the interesting or exciting situations you went through as a student? 

Dec 9, 4:04PM EST0

What field of study are you taking?

Dec 8, 7:17PM EST0

How did you decide what to study?

Dec 4, 8:09AM EST0

What should a student aspire in life? Why?

Dec 3, 7:48PM EST0

What is the best way of pursuing study habit?

Dec 3, 7:29PM EST0

Do you have any definite plan after college?

Dec 3, 6:44PM EST0

If there is one thing you want to express as a student, what would it be?

Dec 3, 1:28PM EST0

How long have been planning to go back to school?

Dec 3, 12:20PM EST0

Have you decided on which school to choose for college? Why this school?

Dec 3, 11:58AM EST0

There are College drop outs who are successful with life such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. What is your take on this?

Dec 3, 11:37AM EST0

What advice can you give to those who are aspiring students like you?

Dec 3, 10:46AM EST0

How old are you as of this time? Are you in college already?

Dec 3, 6:59AM EST0

What do you think a student attitude should have in order to finish studies?

Dec 3, 5:06AM EST0

What are your talents and do you have plans to pursue your studies according to your talent?

Dec 3, 5:01AM EST0

What is the best thing a student should do in order to become successful in the future?

Dec 3, 4:40AM EST0

What is your inspiration in pursuing education?

Dec 3, 4:35AM EST0

What is the importance of education to someone and when do should we stop learning?

Dec 3, 4:15AM EST0

Why do you think studies are important for everyone?

Dec 3, 4:00AM EST0

Have you already planned out which course to take, in line with your career goals?

Dec 3, 3:47AM EST0

What school are you enrolled in?

Dec 3, 3:44AM EST0

Is there a chance of becoming successful when you finish studies? why?

Dec 3, 3:31AM EST0

What will be your next plan after college? Any definite plan?

Dec 3, 3:19AM EST0

What course are you taking up / will you be taking?

Dec 3, 1:04AM EST0

Why is it an "aspiring" student? what is the field you plan to study?

Dec 2, 6:09PM EST0

What is the best advice you have ever heard from someone regarding studies?

Dec 2, 2:06PM EST0

What do you intend to study and how does it match with your life goals?

Dec 1, 10:38AM EST0
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