Ajay Chander R.

Valued Investor & Trader , IT analyst & Consultant , Movie buff, Tech nerd , Couch Potato & blogger


Valued Investor & Trader , IT analyst & Consultant , Movie buff, Tech nerd , Couch Potato & blogger

 As you're , I'm the simple visionary young aspirant wannabe the the business conglomerate in fields of Technology , Artificial Intelligence  , spacial technology and Agriculture. I handed my persona to the deep captivating interest , where i can shroud to the utmost needs of the entire civilization. Its possible only with the supportive and positive minds. I've just pioneered my career interest in engineering and the escalated my studies interest in e-commerce and International Business Management. Managing any field with the sheer interest and decorum will shape us who we are. 

I'm very much interested in making blog that i have started up recently a month ago and deepening my passion through amalgamating  my all ticky interests  say movies , tv shows , gadgets &  gizmos , affiliated marketing , technology , science , spatial interest into one editorial hub as blogger. 

this is my blog page : https://questso.blogspot.com,

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